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Formally this entry begins with an ancient kumet (Egypt) word of contentment, or peace, “Hotep”. Peace, or the state of peace, by observation In some regions is costly, in some regions a scarcity, in some under appreciated until conflict impacts socially to where it threatens safety and ultimate livelihood. This entry communicates peace, as a state of mind, a state of being, I interject that peace, is a state is occasionally fought for. Artist Buju banton above laments in this song released in the 90’s about the discontentment, historic atrocity, and general culture and political atmosphere of the western hemisphere of the globe. There are recorded and current, causes and effects of this lamentation, this attitude. In the west there is Imperialism, there was and is generational damage to colonization in different regions. There is exploitation. There was and is institutionalization. There is Monopolization. There were and are profits accrued from the economic oppression of peoples, nations and tongues. Not stating the obvious, but in the spirit of keeping these contents of the west primary in this discussion. Secondarily, all institutions and practices listed issue from a general western world power structure. Not all institutions of westernization have evolved to oppress, devalue, and corrupt. Democracy, with no question implements freedom for many peoples. And with the right leadership it can be stewarded to socio-economic prosperity. To many diasporas from the east, that have migrated or have generational presence as Africa, and Asia in the west, countries and regions in the east as well as eastern culture, faiths, and contributions to the world and attributes are affectionately honored. This blog is administered in dedication of eastern culture (ie: Africa, the Mediterranean, Asia, and abroad), the acknowledgement of western hemisphere cultural influence, and the social fundamentals at risk, worldwide.


In 2005 I watched a report of Hip Hop music and its influence in Africa on VH1. I observed countries as Zimbabwe, Morocco, even South Africa taking on heavily the glitz, glamour, and characteristics of the “gods” of the west. Performers, singers, dancers, Dj’s, Actors, bathed in narcissism, materialism, money and power, The same gods worshipped in western culture. It ultimately taught me just how influential, America as a nation, its culture, and its value system is. The argument of Westernization, or the spread of western culture is raised when it challenges, demoralizes, or decreases the fundamental value system of any region. Every society, especially within the eastern hemisphere, within its political infrastructure, has experienced its challenges. Cborn Narfica, and I believe how important the stream of cultural influence actually is. In the case of Liberia(west Africa), the general history includes a civil war 1989-2003. The social aftermath incorporates a generation that resorts and ultimately give themselves to criminal activity, and enterprise. Any, but any code of ethics among a community/societal structure is influential, and beneficial. This blog encourages an examination, a consciousness, a wacth, Toward any negative ideals via westernization or from within the region that will perpetuate corruption to a people that has already known a wartorn state. Cultural reformism is possible, and able to Introduce fresh ethics, to the numbers of a new generation. Cultural reform, can always lead to social reform. Consider the elders, consider the ancestors, consider ethics, and institutions of rehabilitation and reform that can open opportunity’s for a better society. The same rule applies to nations, you are what you eat. Liberia, Stand up in your history, your culture, and in the ways and means that uplift your people. Specifically for you, understand criminology is a practice. But understand criminology in practice within a society, within a community, divided against itself will only introduce further destruction, unto yourselves. Within any socially distraught region, one of the more prevalent lie’s that develop and multiply at a rapid pace is that criminal behavior, and enterprise is the only source of economic, and social empowerment. If those same energies and ideals were invested in family dynamics, and community, every movement socially, by trial and error, would be constructive. Re evaluate your society, politics, and principle. These are letters to the east, direct from our share, of Afro American struggle. Hotep. From Zion antoni and Cborn nacirfa, and all those conscious of the struggle. –

Consciously yours,


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